As summer turns to fall in Waterloo Region, something very unique happens here …

Large tent structures are raised for a brief moment in time. Kitchener prepares for an influx of people wearing lederhosen and donning feathered hats.  These guests are quickly introduced to many German words and phrases that help to get them into the festive mood.  Mystery and wonder fills the air as guests seek to get their pictures taken with Onkel Hans and Aunt Frieda.  By the end of their visit, guests are all-consumed by the bird dance and other award-winning polka classics.

This year, in partnership with Skyward Towers, Teletek hosted their first-ever Oktoberfest event. Everything went as planned. Our guests enjoyed a worry-free evening of dinner, dancing, live music and the never-ending social, before and after the main event.  Even the weather co-operated to create the perfect evening.

Thanks to everyone who made the trek to Waterloo Region. We hope you enjoyed it.  We can’t wait to see you at TELETOKTOBERFEST 2017!


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