Teletek Structures: Women in Technology

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With the recent “Women in Communications” seminar held in Dallas, I thought it made sense to write our first blog using “Women in Engineering” as the backdrop.

In summary, wrote about the “Women in Communications” event and the following items surfaced…

  • More women in Tech is critically important.
  • The payoff will be significant.
  • Having women at the table helps change culture.
  • Men and women are more successful overall when they work together.
  • Critical steps include mentoring and encouraging girls to embrace STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) while in school.

Panelists agreed that companies wishing to have a female-friendly organization need to make strategic changes in the way they recruit, train, reward and retain women. Support for this kind of change has to come from the top.

The U.S. Department of Commerce also discussed Women in STEM (back in August 2011) and noted that women hold a disproportionately low share of STEM undergraduate degrees, particularly in engineering. They also noted that women with STEM degrees are less likely to work in a STEM occupation, when compared to their male counterparts. There are many potential reasons for this; the lack of female role models, gender stereotyping and less family-friendly flexibility in such fields of work.

At Teletek Structures, we understand.  We are taking this into consideration as we create a female-friendly organization.

Laura Marciniwe (Teletek’s President) is a woman leader in a very “male-oriented” industry. It reminds me of my university years in Waterloo – real change was underway in the 90’s as more women were noticeably pursuing a STEM education.

These days, again I’m noticing the efforts put forth to embrace women in technology. Schools are playing a lead role in partnering with industry. Laura is also doing her part, shaping our strategy and adding diversity to the culture at Teletek.

Talk to you soon!

Joe Suljak (General Manager at Teletek Structures Inc.)


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